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NEW: How To Create A New Healthy Relationship After An Abusive One Audio Program

Do you have concerns about TRUST & FEAR of getting  involved in a new relationship with men because of a previous abusive relationship? If YES, then this program is for you.

If you are thinking about getting involved in a new relationship and worried about WHERE and HOW  to pick the right partner, then this program is also for you.

This program was created out of demand from women who have had abusive relationships and really want to have healthy. happy, loving relationship but unsure of how to achieve it.

This audio program is filled with tried, tested and proven strategies and is designed to guide and help you create a new healthy relationship affter an abusive one.

This is a FIVE MODULE Downloadable Audio Program:

MODULE 1:  Healthy Vs Unhealthy Relationship

MODULE 2: Revisit Past Mistakes

MODULE 3: Create Rules & Boundaries

MODULE 4: Pick The Right Partner

MODULE 5: Create A Happy, Loving, Lasting Relationship


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Who Stole My Power? And The Easy Way To Reclaim It!

ISBN: 978-1-4461-6284-2


Living Your Ideal Life Doesn’t Have To Be Hard!

This book is about we as super-beings playing small. The book shows you how to start using your power as a god to excel in life. If your power as a god has been stolen, it shows you how to reclaim it and live loving, joyful life to your true potential while enabling others to do the same.

Too many of us live our lives in worry of fulfilling our material desires and fear of the unknown. We tend to search for directions in all the wrong places and before you realise it, your power to excel in life is stolen.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to banish fear of the unknown and limiting beliefs
  • How to overcome being overwhelmed & gain balance in your life
  • How to gain clarity for direction by asking empowering questions
  • How to tap into your infinite power of imagination & intuition

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It Is My Life And I'm In Charge
ISBN 978-1-4507-5148-3


ONLY YOU Can Make Your Life What You Want It To Be!

It Is My Life And I'm In Charge takes you through the many different 'faces' of domestic violence. Based on the authors true life experience which she shares to help other women who have been or still experiencing domestic violence know that they too can overcome domestic violence and become extremely happy and successful. The author also invites everyone to play their role to help eradicate domestic violence from the world because it affects us all, directly or indirectly.

Millions of women still suffer domestic violence throughout the world. Most of the victims are trapped in that situation for different reasons and are unsure of how to set themselves free from that trap. Many women are not aware of the trap until they are caught in it.

This ‘hidden plague’ called domestic violence has to be dug up and eliminated for good before it cripples the world. YOU hold the key by playing your role as a victim, survivor, employer, friend, neighbour, relative and colleague towards its elimination. We all have to work together to eliminate it.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to become fearless and trust your intuition in making the right decision in times of adversity
  • How to become courageous in times of adversity
  • How to have big visions and dreams even when all odd seem to be stacked against you
  • How to move from victim to survivor and then conqueror of domestic violence
  • How to rise above adversity and start taking charge of your life.

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Goal Setting Audio CD

In this goal setting audio recorded live over the phone with you will learn the following:

  • Reasons why people don't set goals.
  • Why setting goal is important if you want to be successful.
  • Some best strategies to use to set goals so you stay focused and motivated all the way !
  • The key strategies for writing goals
  • The Magic Formula to achieving your goals
  • The Right Mindset needed to achieve your goals.
  • How your BRAIN and SUBCONSCIOUS mind works to support you
  • Tips and many many more…

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