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Dynamic life coach is owned and managed by Felicity Okolo.

Felicity Okolo is a Women Empowerment Coach & Domestic Violence Eradication Coach & Expert, Speaker & Author. Felicity like each of us has been on her own journey of discovery, which she shares through her work.

Felicity teaches women victims & survivors to thrive after domestic violence even if they do not see the possibilities of thriving.

Her purpose in life is to "Empower and lead people in a dynamic and passionate manner to live to their true potential all happy, healthy, prosperous, expressing love and peace for the highest good of all concerned."

Felicity is a dynamic coach who will drive you and motivate you and make sure you challenge yourself in achieving your goals. She will help you bring out the great hidden powers in you that you may not be aware of or have not dared to explore. She will empower you to know that you can achieve whatever you want.

Prior to being a Life Coach, Speaker & Author, Felicity worked as an IT consultant. She now focuses her attention on helping and supporting her clients and her community improve their lives.
She lives in London with her children.


A message from Felicity


My commitment is to see people grow their potential and massively improve their lives. I believe that when people take 100% personal responsibility for making changes in their lives, everyone benefits.

I am certain that through coaching & trainings with support from contribution in my blogs our newsletter and resources (available to our Products and Free Resource pages) combined to provide the regular cost effective, support, motivation and practical strategies that are essential to making changes in people’s lives.

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Biography of Felicity Okolo


Why should you work with Felicity?

Choosing a life coach is a critical decision. It's imperative to find someone who will take the time to understand your individual needs and concerns and structure a life plan specific to you.

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